Millions of women and men are trapped in dysfunctional situations that seem hopeless and inescapable. It is time to awaken, break the silence, escape your prison, drop the baggage and begin living.  You can go mad calculating all the factors that go into making a decision. But you must let go of the fear and … More GOOGLE PLUS-AWAKENING COLLECTION 💌

Awakening Book 2016

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Self Control

They are maliciously trying to hurt me and their words are echoing in my head. I feel my body trembling. I’m trying to get away. But my steps keep leading me backwards. This feeling won’t fade away and my heart keeps racing. Im angry. My desire for revenge is getting a hold of my soul. … More Self Control


As the darkness arrives, I’m holding on to what I’m thinking. These pieces of yours are lost in me. And every time your absence becomes more present. As always every memory, every kiss and every touch are rolling all around me.