Today I was Doubted

As i find myself in a pool of a new found excitement, i release within me a self tought courage to pursue my passions. Not just courage. I am afraid too. Im trying to reach a new depth. But I am reminded by the sound of laughter that i may not succeed. The anger builds in me and i stay still for a moment. I can’t go on any longer. Then i close my eyes and try to find, me.

I ask myself, why am i doing this?. How am i going to do this?. Am i good enough to do this?. Will i be able to break free from this fragile moment?. And then…i say i am doing this for a cause greater than me and therefore is ok to be afraid. Perseverance will take me there. I am good enough to pursue this and i will remain eager to accomplish this. Someone’s ability to doubt you, judge you, correct you, hurt you cannot rule over your reign. My future will be dictated upon the choices i make. How i choose to do and feel about anything in my Life is up to me.


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