Chapter 7; After Your Awakening 

The source is the silence of the soul. It’s the calm over the ocean while the sun gently sets over the horizon. It’s the peaceful feeling of understanding that everything passes by momentarily, leaving footprints that will forever change the course of your destiny. It’s like a silent whirlwind. The balance everyone is in search of is not to be found. It is to be modified. Alter your consciousness, awake to your reality. We can’t rely on things that we have no control over. Sometimes in order to access our inner availability of understanding and growing we must awaken our spirit. After the awakening, all numbness has subsided and you are free. Free to enjoy life. Life is the most precious and sacred gift we will ever receive. Rise from the shadow and feed your spirit life. I remember a time in my life when I used to repeat to myself “I just want to be happy!” Well, that never happened then, because I didn’t know the source. Awakening is not about continuously drowning in your ocean of grievances. It’s about rising above it by floating away into the sunset. Becoming happiness. With love, Nixa Santiago


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